A full-service corporate university

People are your main asset. Help them be even more effective. Having the right skills at the right time is a big part of unlocking their potential.

University++ is a full-service internal educational program. We'll help you get it off the ground, set it up, then hand it off to you to run.

Bellow is the typical methodology we use. However, each company is unique. Let's use this as a conversation-starter.

Step 1: Discovery

First, we want to learn what is the specific problem that your organization is facing.

To do that, we’ll collect the data both top-down from the leadership as well as bottom-up from you.


It’s important that PlusPlus University is aligned with where PlusPlus Engineering is going.

The University team will meet leadership to understand the direction.

  • How do you onboard your people today?
  • What is your current career development plan?
  • How do you measure people effectiveness?
  • What about org happiness?
  • What is the technology stack going to look like?
  • What are the skills needed?
  • What do you see as impeding engineers?


Engineers know best what challenges they have on their day-to-day. We’ll meet and interview as many engineers as possible to understand their concerns.

  • What skills are impeding you?
  • How do you see your growth here?
  • What kind of education are you looking for?
  • What is your learning style?
  • What should we start doing, stop doing, or keep on doing?

Step 2: Implementation

Once we understand your particular challenges, we’ll propose how to go about implementing a solution.

We’ll start by mapping skill gaps into learning plans. We’ll look at organization at the whole as well as individual roles.

Learning Plans

The direction of your organization will inform University’s long-term vision.

We’ll map individual roles to the skills they need in the future. University will provide a learning path for each of the major roles.

This will allow your people to grow on the same ladder as well as understand what’s needed for lateral career moves.

Learning Plan for Individual Engineers

We all have our individual wants and needs. Our take is that managers are the coaches.

We’ll work with managers to enable them to help their people create a personalized learning plans.

Individual learning plan is a living document. It will provide for a conversation about your career development.

Different learnings at different levels

As your organization and your people get to the next level, different learning styles will make more sense. We may have more formal training at one point, peer learning at another. Sometimes, it’ll be about getting new skills. Other times, it’ll be about sharpening your saw.

Live Training

Instructor-led classes come in different shapes.

Onboarding help new hires get up to speed.

Bootcamp is the longest of the courses but you also cover the most.

Essentials gets you to be just dangerous enough in the new technology.

Overviews are lean-back info sessions. Your Org are courses specific to how you apply a specific technology here.

A Taste of… course is a quick but deep dive into a technology so you get to see how you like it.

Learning Events

Beyond technical training, there are a number of informal learning events.

TechTalks offer outsider's point of view.

Hackathons are a great way to work together to explore cool new ideas.

War Stories help us learn from our own epic failures.

Fireside Chat is a way to pick the brain of an executive and learn how they got where you may want to go.

Forum is a closed, self-organizing peer-learning group where we learn by sharing each other’s experiences.

All learning in one place

To deliver engaging customer experience, we’re launching a learning portal.

It automates:

  • Event scheduling
  • Collecting feedbacks
  • Email reminders
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Personalized notifications

Step 3: Handoff

The goal is not just to create a university but to also enable you to run it. We want to set you up for long-term success.

To do that, we’ll create a Playbook on how to run your specific program. We’ll identify the key roles and train your people.

Some of the success metrics won’t be visible for a few months. We’ll stay on as advisors to ensure it’s all working well.

University Playbook

We’ll help create a detailed operating guide, a playbook, for running your university program.

We’ll setup the roles:

  • Director
  • Board
  • Coordinator

We’ll train your people how to operate your university program.

Our goal is to see this program be successful well beyond our initial engagement. To ensure that, we’ll provide advisory services for a period of at least six months.

Part of the advisory will require the mandatory monthly check-ins to review key metrics, such as engagement of your people and effectiveness of their learning.


Next steps

Are we a fit?

If setting up a corporate university or looking for ways to better run an existing one, we'd love to talk. We'd love to learn your vision and share our insights about the industry.