The Learning Platform

For your people, PlusPlus makes it easy to discover workshops, classes, tech talk and hackathons. For the Learning & Development team, it makes it easy to manage learning at scale.

For your employees

Event Filtering

Discover learning that matters to you

Don’t-make-me-think is the new normal. We’ve created a beautiful user experience that is up to par with other apps you love to use.

Discover learning events for you based on topics you care about, at the time and place that works for you.


Don't miss out on new offerings

No more "can you please tell me when that course becomes available" nonsense. Inspired by Google Alerts, we've created a way for your people to save their searches.

When a new event is scheduled that matches their terms (e.g. Crucial Conversations, or Core Python), we send them an email notification. They can set the frequency for each alert to Daily, Weekly or Monthly.


Read reviews before committing

Taking a workshop can be a time commitment. But, how good is it going to be?

Who better to ask than your own peers. That’s why PlusPlus is big on getting the feedback. We make it easy for people to give us that thumbs-up signal. And if they don’t (we’re all too busy!), we’ll gently nudge them.

For organizers of learning events


Schedule events with complex timeslots

Most of your events happen in a single sitting. Sometimes, an event may be a few consecutive days. And every once in awhile, you have that event with complex time slots where it has a few sessions that span across multiple days or even weeks. Well, you can schedule those now as well.

Timeslots feature keeps it simple to schedule a single session event - your most common case. Yet it is flexible enough to allow for any complexity in multi-session events.

Event Types

Hundreds of events? No problem.

Once you get into hundreds of various events, it makes sense to organize them so people know what to expect from each type.

Event types are like templates that help you cookie-cut similar events. This makes you more effective and it provides for consistency.

Waitlist and Capacity

Automate what happens when too many people want to sign up

So you have more attendees enrolled than there's space available for the event. Well, PlusPlus now allows you to set the Enrollment Cap and create a Wait List. We'll place extra attendees onto the waitlist and promote them to enrolled status as space opens up. Attendees will get email notifications as their status changes.


Track who showed up. Or, let them check-in themselves.

People register for events, but who really shows up? Roster allows for organizers of the event or the presenter to pull up the list of people who registered and to check in those who actually showed up. And if you have any walk-ins, you can add them and check them in all at once.

Having the right data on how your people learn is important. The Roster should make it easier to track participation.

For Learning & Development Administrators


Get insights into how you're doing

Data is important. It turns out PlusPlus app collects a lot of it. We know who is attending what events and how well they're rating them.

All this raw data is now available to you via the new Analytics. You can view the data by time frame, sort it, and filter it based on names. It's based on the industry xAPI standard.

But we wanted to go beyond just the data. We wanted to get you the insights. With Analytics you can pivot your data based on events, event types or location. This unlocks another level of visibility into what is really driving your people to learn.

Email Automation

Automate communication to save time

Emails are important. They remind your people about upcoming classes, waitlist status, feedback and more. We send them automatically when specific things happen.

You can now edit these email templates to give them your voice. You can even disable them in certain cases. This allows you to customize the experience that your people have.

Enterprise Integration

Make it fit like a glove within your ecosystem

It is important that this app appears like any other app within your enterprise ecosystem. That’s why we focus heavily on integration so it fits like a glove.

Whatever Single Sign-on (SSO) system you use, we got you. From Okta, OneLogin, Google, and LDAP, to other OAuth2 and SAML solutions.

PlusPlus plays well with other apps, from Google Calendar, to Workday and Slack.

Next steps

Are we a fit?

If setting up a corporate university or looking for ways to better run an existing one, we'd love to talk. We'd love to learn your vision and share our insights about the industry.