PlusPlus, The Company

Purpose (why we exist)

We exist to help people get to the next level.

Our initial focus is on knowledge sharing. Work can be frustrating when the lack of know-how blocks us from being successful. Sharing knowledge within an organization fosters learning. In turn, this constant improvement is rewarding and inspiring.

An easy way to share knowledge is for individuals to present their insights to their teams. These informal learning events are the quickest to get going for most organizations. This is our starting point.

PlusPlus is an app to help employees discover all the company learning events in one place.

Core Values (how we operate)

  • Better Me + Better You = Better Us. Focus on getting you and those around you to the next level.
  • Fail fast, fail forward. Innovate through experimentation. Learn from those experiences. Celebrate failures as necessary steps forward.
  • Generate more value than you capture. Be inspired by open source software and similar freemium models.

Marko Gargenta, Founder

Marko is a serial entrepreneur with the goal of cracking the code of human potential. Along with Aleksandar Gargenta (aka Saša), he created Marakana, a software training company. Marakana trained engineers at large tech companies on cutting-edge open source technologies.

Twitter acquired Marakana in 2013 where Marko and Saša created Twitter University. The goal of Twitter University was to level up Twitter's engineers. They accomplished that by creating a culture where engineers learn from one another. At Twitter, 100s of engineers teach 100+ classes each month.

In 2016, Marko founded PlusPlus to enable other organizations to share knowledge at scale.